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Comparison of IP surveillance camera versus analog surveillance camera


Approximately one out of every 9 homes will be burglarized at some point. Don't become another crime statistic. Take the first step towards safeguarding your home against intruders. According to recent FBI crime statistics homes with surveillance equipment are three times less likely to be broken into.

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Already have a camera system?

We can upgrade your existing Surveillance System and exchange existing analog cameras in key areas with our High-Definition Cameras. Our system is capable of handeling analog as well as high definition cameras. This gives you the option of having high quality cameras covering important areas of your property and protecting your investment.
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HD vs. Analog

In a video surveillance application, high image quality is essential to be able to clearly capture an incident in progress and identify persons or objects involved. With progressive scan and megapixel technologies, a HD-TVI camera can deliver better image quality and higher resolution than an analog CCTV camera. Choosing HD-TVI over analog will essentially future-proof your system. An average High Definition camera picture is equivalent to 5 regular camera pictures combined.

Professional Installation

Before we start installing your new video surveillance system our technician talks to you about the perfect position and angle for the cameras. We also consider the lighting conditions at your location and install the adequate camera. The installation also includes to set up your mobile phone and/or remote computer to work with your new security system.